TaeKwondo Classes For Children in Frome & Salisbury

Why YOUR Child Should Learn TaeKwonDo

If you want your child to have amazing self confidence, learn self discipline, anger management and make new friends in the process, then TaeKwonDo is the best option - GUARANTEED


Martial arts rewards effort through praise and awarding belts. This helps to boost children's self-esteem as their efforts are recognised.


Knowing that your child will be able to defend themselves if and when a situation arises is priceless, How much better will you sleep at night knowing this?


When kids are training, they learn to control their aggression, hostility, and agitation. This emotional control helps kids to express positive and controlled emotions.

Classes in Frome & Salisbury

your Childs Instructor 

Hello! I'm Chris Roach

Teaching children to know right from wrong is one of the toughest challenges parents have to face.

You want your child to have the tools to succeed in life, but protecting them from peer pressure, bullying and internet predators can make any parent feel overwhelmed with anxiety and stress.

Our kids TaeKwonDo classes is designed to help you raise a strong, confident leader, teaching confidence, focus & self-defence skills. If you like the sound of that sign up below for a FREE 2 week trial - no obligation.

Classes in Frome & Salisbury


6 Ways We Help Your Child Reach Their Potential

Physical Fitness

Martial Arts is a great way to exercise and get fit and strong and increase endurance

Self Control

Learn how to stay focused through goal setting and having respect for yourself and others

Anger Management

Learn how to channel your inner emotions and stay confident and calm in tense situations

Unconquerable Spirit

Learn to have an unconquerable belief and not be swayed from your own values

Amazing Confidence

Improve both your Mental & Physical health and watch your confidence soar


Gain respect for yourself and others, learn to treat every person with decency and kindness

Classes in Frome & Salisbury

Testimonials From The Parents

Amazing feedback from our members

My boy started when he was 3 years old, 4 years later he still loves his lessons. Great classes and amazing dedicated teachers. Has helped hugely with my boys confidence , coordination, health, fitness and mental wellbeing



Sending our son to Elevation Martial Arts is a great way for him to not only exercise on a regular basis but also to learn self defence, confidence and respect. He feels a sense of achievement every time he passes his gradings. Thanks to Chris and his assistants.



As a young child Chris made the lessons fun allowing time to talk together in meetings around general life issues that the children encountered such as bullying and friendship difficulties



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